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DJ Player Professional reboot: Tau DJ

KÁPOLNÁSNYÉK (← yeah, really), Hungary - July 9th, 2024

DJ software is boring. We all know the excitement of unboxing a new DJ controller or mixer, yet the software that powers it is ultimately more important.

Multiple DJ software platforms have been evolving for the last two decades, resulting in complex and outdated codebases. As DJs demand more features, maintaining and enhancing these systems becomes increasingly difficult.

My DJ software project, DJ Player Professional, also faced these issues. Started in 2007, it contained many outdated elements. Recognizing the limitations, I decided to completely recreate it from scratch -- an endeavor that would be much more difficult for larger companies.

I was working on this project since 2019, and am now ready to introduce the new product to the world. While not yet fully complete, it has already brought me joy at private events, and I believe many users will find it valuable as well.

Breaking free from iOS

In 2007, I envisioned touch-screen devices as the future of the DJ booth, and iOS emerged as the first reliable and serious platform to support this vision. At that time, Apple was at the forefront of innovation.

DJ Player became a leading software on iOS, pushing the boundaries of what these devices could achieve. Some features that DJ Player was the first to include are:

  • Audio time-stretching (also known as "master tempo" or "keylock"), which was particularly challenging due to the low-power CPUs of iOS devices at the time.
  • The X-Y touch screen FX pad.
  • Advanced crossfader functionality, such as integrating low-pass filters.
  • Collaboration with Stereomusik to invent the "DJ cable" to address cueing issues, as iOS devices originally had only a single stereo audio output.
  • DVS (Digital Vinyl System) on iOS.
  • MIDI mapping on iOS.
  • Support for the Stems audio format.
  • 32-bit floating point audio processing throughout the system to ensure the highest audio quality, at a time when DSP was predominantly fixed-point with numerous compromises.
I'm proud of these accomplishments and their significant influence on other DJ applications. The foundational audio technology developed in DJ Player has since evolved into a startup and audio SDK known as "Superpowered." Superpowered supports tens of thousands of applications and devices, spanning iOS, macOS, Windows, Linux, and various other platforms.

In other words, you may find "DJ Player" powering many DJ tools without even realizing it.


iOS did not achieve widespread adoption in the DJ community. It's time for a reality check: touch-screen interfaces did not replace physical controls, and most DJs rely on Windows laptops. I held onto the iOS-first approach for too long. My goal has now shifted to bringing my DJ software to users on macOS, iOS, Windows, and even web browsers.

There is a small yet robust community around my app on Discord. It's where we collaborate to brainstorm, test, and refine all features alongside our users. One feature we recently addressed was the very generic name "DJ Player". After several days of exchanging ideas and discussions, we ultimately settled on a new name for the app:


Tau is a mathematical constant used in time stretching (master tempo) and pitch shifting, so it's involved in almost every moment when you use DJ software. After 15 years and countless updates, DJ Player Professional has been discontinued and replaced by Tau. There are significant differences between the two; here are the major ones:

  • Tau is based on fundamentally different technology, allowing it to run on more platforms.
  • Refreshed look and feel.
  • Deck Effects have been replaced by Color Fx and Main Fx, bridging the gap to other DJ gear.
  • Supports motorized MIDI controllers. Factory mapping included for the Rane ONE.
  • Improved track browser workflow with faster previews.
  • Cloud Folder for backing up and syncing your metadata and MIDI maps.
  • No subscriptions, no in-app purchases, no hidden fees, no paid features. Just a single price tag.

The short term plans for Tau include:

  • Rekordbox XML import.
  • Plug-and-play support for popular controllers, such as the Pioneer FLX lineup, Rane Performer or Hercules T7.
  • Live stems.
  • Flexible grid music syncing.

Join our Discord and share your thoughts on how these features should work!

Tau is already available for iOS and macOS, and as a limited-feature web browser demo. A Windows version is coming soon.


I'm tired of subscriptions, in-app purchases, hidden fees, and paid features. Therefore, Tau has none of them - it's just a single price. Pay once and receive all minor updates and bug fixes for free.

Beginning no earlier than 2026 (and likely later), the next major version with new capabilities will be offered as a separate software at a fixed price. Users will retain ownership of the initially purchased version, which will function indefinitely, provided their operating system supports it.

Approximate price brackets, excluding local taxes:

Rest of the World$19.99$29.99Free
USA, Western Europe, and similarly wealthy countries$39.99$49.99Free

One may think it's unfair because the "rest of the world" also needs to buy their MacBooks or iPads. However, I live in this part as well and see how people actually acquire those devices (such as second-hand, self-refurbished, etc.).

For more information, visit https://taudj.com